• Our infused EVOOS, are ideally suited to use when flavour enhancement of dishes is required - available in single, double and triple infusions. A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oil ….. INFUSIONS
    • Basil & Ginger – take yourself to Vietnam… the slightly spicy, licorice-like flavour of basil blended with the bright and fresh citrus burst of lime – providing layers of flavours, with each ingredient adding a big punch.
    • Chilli & Garlic – the heat of chilli combined with garlicky goodness - ideal in Asian dishes, just made for stir-frying.
    • Ginger & Lime – thinking Thai?…. the hot, spiciness of ginger combined with one of the cornerstones of Thai cooking, the fresh citrus burst of lime adding the perfect acidity – try it with Tom yum or Larb.
    • Lemon & Garlic – citrus zing and pungency of garlic – diametrically opposed, yet working so harmoniously together; ideal with Mediterranean inspired dishes.
    • Rosemary & Lemon – distinctive rosemary and the fresh tangy burst of lemon. Perfect base for roast lamb or chicken.
  • Our infused EVOOS, are ideally suited to use when flavour enhancement of dishes is required - available in single, double and triple infusions. A blend of premium new season extra virgin olive oil ….. INFUSIONS
    • Basil, Rosemary & Garlic – pairs well with red meat and roasted root vegetables.
    • Chilli, Lemon & Garlic – perfect base for Mediterranean inspired dishes – perfect with fish, prawns and crab.
    • Rosemary, Lemon & Garlic – a classic combination for partnering grilled chicken or roasted lamb.
  • Balsamic Vinegar is made from grape juice, or "must" which is boiled down, and then transferred to a variety of different wood barrels to vein the aging process. Store balsamic vinegar in a cool, dark, dry location. There is no need to refrigerate the vinegar. INFUSIONS
    • Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar – Lusciously thick and richly satisfying to the senses, this sweet artisan sensation is excellent as a salad dressing, drizzled over fresh tomatoes and feta, fresh berries, poached pears, roast meats, and baked root vegetables. (Gluten free)
    • Caramelised Apple Balsamic Vinegar – With one kilo of granite belt apples in each bottle, this scrumptiously thick, sticky and sweet indulgence is made from apple balsamic vinegar and apple juice, simmered slowly over low heat for an extended time. Sensational on pork, chicken or game meats or brushed onto quail for grilling. Drizzle over fresh berries, pavlova, or ice cream for the perfect fusion of sweet and tart. (Gluten free)
  • Our Vincotto is rich and thick and with its perfect balance of sweet and sour, it will enhance both savoury and dessert dishes making it an extremely versatile pantry staple. With 1kg Australian grapes used in the making of every 250ml bottle, it is oh-so-fruity! Made in the traditional way by slow cooking and reducing concentrated grape juice (like grape must) for several hours in large pots. All the concentrated grape juice is made from Australian grapes and the use of concentrated grape juice allows for the making of this delicious artisan product all year round. With the added touch of red wine vinegar, this provides the Vincotto with a slightly tangy taste, a little acidity and rounds out the natural sweetness of the concentrated grape juice. Use simply as a dressing over your favourite salad – think Rocket & Pear with Walnuts and Blue Cheese. Pair with aged cheese & dried fruit, serve with game and other dark roast meats, or use as a glaze (in the final stages of cooking meat such as pork or chicken to provide a sticky, sweet finish). In addition, Vincotto can also be used similarly to caramelised balsamic vinegar as a dressing or garnish on a plat, just prior to serving, over bruschetta, pizza or risotto. For something sweet, drizzle over fresh seasonal fruit or add flavour to poached pears. Great for enhancing dairy-based desserts.
  • NOVELLO 2023: Harvested, Pressed and Bottled 19th April 2023 NUOVO 2023: Harvested, Pressed and Bottled 26th April 2023. Please contact us directly by email for any enquiries. This is a strictly limited release and is not available through our website. info@kangaroovalleyolives.com.au Our first, cold pressed Signature Release Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed within hours of harvesting from olives grown in Kangaroo Valley, each olive handpicked individually from our trees  – straight from the grove to our olive oil press to produce our Novello olive oil in limited quantity – this is the first and finest oil of the season, presented unfiltered. NOVELLO
    • Early season harvest green Leccino olives, pressed on site within two hours of harvesting. This single estate extra virgin olive oil leads with a moderate bitterness, pungency and peppery finish. Yes, you can use it in cooking, but perhaps save this one for dipping fresh, crusty bread, perhaps with the added delight of middle eastern inspired dukkah. The ideal finishing oil – adding depth and oomph to bitter salad greens and radicchio; drizzled over freshly sliced tomatoes or avocados and steamed vegetables.
    • Leccino olives originated from Tuscany (in the late Middle Ages), and so being one of the oldest cultivars in Italy, bring forth an oil which speaks to the aficionado in us all.
    • Harvested, Pressed and Bottled 19th April 2023.
    • 250ml Bottles @ $30.00 each
    • Early season harvest green picual olives, each one hand picked from our trees here in Kangaroo Valley and pressed on site within less than two hours of harvesting. This single estate extra virgin olive oil leads with a bold, green grassy taste, strong bitterness and pungency, and a peppery aftertaste. Yes, you can use it in cooking, but this is the ideal finishing oil - adding depth, and oomph to bitter salad greens and radicchio, drizzled over freshly sliced tomatoes or avocadoes or steamed vegetables.
    • Picual olives originating from Jaen in Spain are known to produce “the olive lover’s olive oil”.
    • Harvested, Pressed and Bottled 26th April 2023.
    • 250ml Bottles @ $30.00 each
  • Our gift cards are the perfect option for sharing the gift of local produce lovingly grown and hand made in Kangaroo Valley with family and friends who may like to choose their own products. Gift cards can be used across our entire range and all three labels. Kangaroo Valley Olives – showcasing our extra virgin olive oils, whole table olives and tapenades; along with our range of Australian vinegars (including the caramelised balsamics); Kangaroo Valley Kindred Spirits – both complementary and seasonal products (including dukkah, pickles and confitures); and Essence of Kangaroo Valley – unveiling our new lines in milk baths and bath salts as well as our artisan soaps (using our own Kangaroo Valley Olives extra virgin olive oils), along with our famous Bella Bee Beeswax Wraps.
  • Infused with hand-flaked edible 24 karat gold leaf, our Golden Aurora extra virgin olive oil with its fresh, fruity aroma of green grass, almond and fig notes and a smooth buttery flavour, with the slightest hint of peppery bitterness makes for the perfect addition when drizzled over salad greens, or swirled through classics such as cream soups, pasta and risotto. With winter upon us, this is the perfect time to stay at home and indulge, so add a mizzle of luxury and sparkle………..  
  • Taste the Essence of Kangaroo Valley, in this bespoke hamper - the perfect gift for any occasion. Contains: Kangaroo Valley Olives Rich & Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml Kangaroo Valley Olives Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar 250ml Table Olives 180g x 2 Savoury Tapenade 175g Sweet Tapenade 120g Dukkah 55g x 2 Bella Bee "Middling” Beeswax Wrap Gift boxed with ribbon. Image representative. Depending on availability, we may need to swap out one goodie for another, but don’t worry – something equally as delicious with same or greater value.


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