Our handcrafted Bath Salts each offer different properties which coincide with the Greek Goddess after which they are named.

  • Eirene – Greek Goddess of Peace – simply soothe away the tensions of the day.  (Coconut Milk)
  • Epione – Greek Goddess of Comfort – immerse yourself in sweet floral notes to soothe and refresh.  (Sweet Citrus Orange)
  • Ersa – Greek Goddess of Morning Dew – pamper your mind and body whilst revitalising and moisturising your skin. (Goat’s Milk & Honey)
  • Hemera – Greek Goddess of Day – relax and de-stress, as your cares slip away. (Lavender)
  • Iaso – Greek Goddess of Healing – invigorate your senses as you unwind and recharge. (Buttermilk & Peppermint)

Please Note – our Milk Baths and Bath Salts are packaged in either amber or clear glass depending on availability.

* Product may be packaged in clear or amber glass.